This 73 min.DVD by Yuliya Karnaukh demonstrates a complete character dance class for an beginner level of study.

 "Character Dance Class"

Yuliya Karnaukh
  Character Dance Class DVD
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Character Dance Class DVD
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This video provides dancers and teachers alike with the opportunity to participate in a character dance class which features American dance school students led by an experienced professional dancer. It is carefully designed to outline basic character dance moves and the positioning of the arms and the torso with specific attention to epaulement which is a requirement in successfully performing character dance technique. To add flavor and the feeling of how rich and deep the character dance traditions are we have used a stylized folk music from such countries as France, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Georgia and Russia.

         This video is intended for instructional purposes allowing the viewer to participate in the class being taught by Yuliya Karnaukh. As such, it shows some errors that students need to correct and how to overcome them.

            The interactive menu allows viewers to choose a specific exercise, review each specific exercise or watch it as an entire class which makes this video very convenient, helpful and user friendly.


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