“Ballet Technique Class Vol. 6"” is a 66 minute double length CD by Vladimir Issaev & Yelena Shetinina-Lanskaya containing 26 repeated
piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet dance class.
It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

Ballet Technique Class Vol. 6

Vladimir Issaev & Yelena Shetinina-Lanskaya
Music for Ballet Class CD
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Ballet Technique Class Vol. 6 CD
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Sample this CD:
Track 7 - Fondue
Track 15 - Battement Jetes
Track 22 - Grand Jete


Direct from Russia, the teacher Vladimir Issaev brings us the music of Yelena Shetinina-Lanskaya and what a rich and flowing collection of melodies it is. All the music on this CD is composed and brilliantly played by Yelena. The exercises are arranged by Vladimir for a complete intermediate ballet class.  Each selection contains a repeat making this a very easy to use CD. The class starts and ends with a Reverence with lots of petit allegro and grand allegro in the center. This music just fills you with dance and makes it impossible sit still. This is the class where your students will want to do the exercises over and over again.  

All tracks repeat


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