“Christmas Music for Ballet Class” is a 47 minute single length CD by Soren Bebe containing 24 unrepeated piano melodies for a
complete intermediate ballet class. It offers a unique collection of familiar music without singing or vocal instructions.


Christmas Music for Ballet Class

Soren Bebe
Ballet Class Music
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Christmas Music for Ballet Class CD
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Sample this CD:
Track 04 - Tendu 2

  Track 07 - Jete (fast)
Track 13 - Grand Battement (slow)
Track 17 - Pirouettes (waltz)
Track 21 - Grand Allegro
Track 23 - Coda

Soren Bebe’s Christmas Music for Ballet Class is a collection of all your favorite Holiday melodies combined with some seldom-heard Christmas songs. All the 24 selections are played with an obvious, easy-to-follow beat. The jazzy interpretations of some of the holiday classics are a nice twist and very refreshing during the holiday season. Ample music for a full Barre and short Center are contained on this single length CD. Six tracks for jumps and a long adagio will make this title one of your favorites