Body and Drum is a 51 min.single length CD by Melanie Aceto and Joe Thomas containing 14 unrepeated drum tracks for a complete modern dance class.
It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

"Body and Drum"

Directed by Melanie Aceto
Music by Joe Thomas
Modern Dance Class CD
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Body and Drum CD MA01C
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Sample this CD:

Track 1 - Floor Warmup Medium
Track 6 - Body Swing Fast

Track 10 - Small Jump Fast

Joe Thomas uses only percussive instruments on this CD for a modern dance class. With the help of Melanie Aceto, Joe presents a combination of rhythms which are perfect for the Humphrey - Weidman based class. From the slow floor warm-up to the driving motor rhythm, this music is perfect for modern dance study. The music is extremely focused since there is no melody and only drums to give a sense of movement. Several of the tracks are very long, giving plenty of music to do exercises repeatedly without stopping. This CD provides lots of fun sounds that make you smile and plenty of energy to keep you moving. 


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