"New Classics" is a 55 min. single length CD by David Plumpton containing 34 unrepeated piano & string melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original, familiar & classical music without singing or vocal instructions.

 "New Classics - Inspirational Ballet Class Music"

David Plumpton
Music for Intermediate Ballet Class CD
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New Classics - Inspirational Ballet Class Music CD
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Sample this CD:
  Track 5 - Glisses
Track 12 - Grands Battements
Track 30 - Medium Allegro 3
“New Classics” is an inspirational combination of melodies for ballet class. This is the third in a series of CDs by David Plumpton and it is a straightforward recording with a very clear sound. It does not contain repeated tracks or multiple tracks for one exercise. A big selection of melodies from Bizet to Copland combined with a few original compositions create this very enjoyable collection of music. This CD is perfect for a class of younger dancers where the teacher needs to spend little time fooling with the music. Each selection is perfect for the exercise and every track is in the proper order for a complete ballet class.

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