This double length compact disc by Henry Berg and Nina Pinzarrone contains 58 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete preballet class.
It offers a unique collection of familiar & classical music without singing or vocal instructions.
 "County Fair"

Henry Berg & Nina Pinzarrone
Music for Preballet CD
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Sample this CD:
Track 1 - Entrance
Track 14 - Tendu #2
Track 45 - Pirouette #2

The fifth CD created by Nina Pinzarrone contains a treasure of classical melodies which are basically arranged for a ballet class. Each selection has a variety of suggested steps that can be used in a creative movement class. Each barre exercise is repeated on a separate track and the center exercises contain two different tracks each for adagio, pirouette and petit allegro along with many other selections. You can almost think that you are at a county fair when you hear some of this music which makes it easy to use in a creative movement dance class.
User comment: "Swingy - toe-tapping. Makes you want to dance!"



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