This single length CD by Steven Mitchell contains 43 cunrepeated solo piano melodies for variations & routines.
It offers a unique collection of original & classical  music without singing or vocal instructions.

Just Jumps

Steven Mitchell
Music for Ballet Class CD
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Just Jumps - Steven Mitchell CD
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Sample this CD:
Track 06 - Introduction to Chasse
Track 17 - Faille Assemble
Track 27 - Petite Allegro III


What a great idea!!! A CD devoted completely to jumps. All the music for any jump is included in these 43 different tracks. The music is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced and can be used for more than just jumps. Each selection starts with a clear introduction so the dancers know when to jump and when to land. Some of the more advanced tracks will change tempo in the middle of a piece so the same steps can be done faster with out stopping. What a perfect way to make your dancers more versatile.



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