This CD-ROM and DVD contains hundreds of ballet steps. Each step includes a written description, a pronunciation, and a video clip.
Each step is performed to music and can be slowed down and or paused.

"Ballet Is Fun"

Ann Etgen & Bill Atkinson
An Interactive CD-ROM Video Dictionary


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Ballet is Fun CD-ROM
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CD-ROM for the IBM or MAC Computer
Ballet is Fun CD-ROM
Order #WB03

Presenting the world’s first interactive CD-ROM dictionary for ballet. It’s an incredible way of viewing hundreds of ballet steps right at home on your personal computer. Over 325 steps are first pronounced & then demonstrated by professional dancers from American Ballet Theater, Houston Ballet, and the New York City Ballet. You can stop, slow down, go forward & backward with any step. The steps are organized into beginning, intermediate, & advanced levels as well as into styles of movements like turns, jumps, & beats, making this CD-ROM easy to use. You can also create your own play list by putting the steps you want into the order you want to view them in.  This enables you to pick certain steps you are interested in and easily view them without going back to the entire index to find your step. This CD-ROM also includes an auto play feature that will play your personalized list of steps or all the steps in alphabetical order.

486, Pentium or better
8 MB of RAM
2X or better CD-ROM Drive
QuickTime for Windows 2.1.2 included
This CD ROM is compatible with Windows XP
040 (Quadra), PowerPC or better
8 MB of RAM (16 for PowerMac)
2X or better CD-ROM Drive
QuickTime for Mac 2.5 included

Ballet Is Fun DVD
Order #WB04

200 of the same great steps are now available on DVD for your TV. You get full size digital video of every step and position right on your TV. What could be better? The first screen is a seven-page listing of all the steps. By selecting an individual step you are taken to a screen which pronounces the step and displays a written description. You are then taken to a video clip that shows the entire step, which you can freeze or slow down for clearer viewing. Most of the steps are done to music and are performed by world class dancers. On this DVD the steps are not grouped by styles but are presented in alphabetical order. The DVD contains fewer steps than the CD Rom and you cannot create your own individual play lists. Depending on your DVD player, you can zoom in and out on any frame with little loss of quality.