“Weightless: Music for Contemporary Dance” is a 73 minute single length CD by Sam Bell and Dan Brown containing 15 unrepeated drum & synthesizer
melodies for a complete modern dance class. It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

Weightless: Music for Contemporary Dance

Sam Bell & Dan Brown
Music for Modern Class CD
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Weightless: Music for Contemporary Dance CD
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Sample this CD:
Track 03 - Flotsam & Jetsam
Track 12 - Monks from Mars
Track 13 - Breathe

Long - long - long - tracks of music for any contemporary dance class. The music on this single CD contains a huge selection of sounds and rhythms. Sam Bell keeps the beat going with percussion instruments while Dan Brown sets the mood with a rich array of sounds and together they create a simple melody. Many of the pieces truly do seem weightless making them perfect for lyrical movements. There are plenty of fast tracks too, and there is not a single track that a dance teacher can’t use. The compositions are not repeated but they are so long the entire class can travel across the floor several times before the music runs out. 



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