A single length compact disc with 30 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete advanced ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of familiar and classical music without singing or vocal instructions.
 "In Step"
Tatyana Featherman
Music for Advanced Ballet Class CD
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In Step Single Length CD WF03C Out of stock - discontinued
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Sample this CD:
Track 2 - Tendu with Plie
  Track 18 - Coda
  Track 27 - Grand Allegro #3

Created for the advanced ballet class this CD offers complex arrangements of familiar and classical melodies. These thirty unrepeated solo piano melodies are performed by Tatyana Featherman.  This dance teacher and gifted pianist offers these melodies for Barre, Center and Allergo combinations in her advanced class. All of the contents of Tatyana's CDs include time signatures, number of counts, time duration, and the suggested exercise.



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