This double length compact disc by Darla Hoover & Joe Morra contains 30 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.
 "Music for Ballet Class"

Darla Hoover & Joe Morra
Music for Ballet CD
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Music for Ballet Class - Hoover & Morra CD WK100990
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Sample this CD:
Track 1 -  Plie
Track 15 - Grand Battement
Track 26 - Grand Allegro

These beautifully recorded simple improvisations offer many energetic fast tempos for barre work and center. This CD does not contain repeated tracks but offers long tangos, waltzes and grand allegros along with music for Pique Turns and Fouettes. Darla Hoover, a former dancer with the New York City Ballet, directs this class.

From one of our customers:
"This CD is a perfect addition to a ballet teacher's repertoire for both professionals and students.  Mr. Morra seems to know exactly what the dancers need.  His sensitivity, musicality and diversity really enhance the student's classroom experience."



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