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(September 2020) Comment from Jennifer Bader, Balletinmotion.com
"Thank you for continuing to carry CDs and DVDs for classes. Especially with Covid-19 this has been even more and important and useful -- to say the least. I hope you're well." Best wishes - Jennifer 
(Bloomington, Minnesota)

(March 2019) Comment from Joan Gair, Academy of Ballet Arts (Murrieta, CA):
"Can't seem to resist Plumpton's music! My students and I love it! Thank you for carrying it!"

(Feb. 2019) Comment from Diane, Pottsdown Dance Theatre:
Thank you so much for responding to my questions and providing additional information!  WOW I was quite impressed!  You get 5 stars from me for sure!

(July 2018) Comment from Robbie, ballet teacher:
My library of music and visual notes consist mostly of what I have purchased from DanceClassMusic.com over the years. You have been a leader in the distribution for the more professional and refined dance music.  You have associated your products with the masters of dance and music. My success as a primary and elementary ballet teacher is a reflection of the strong teaching tools you have provided to me. The commitment of DanceClassMusic.com has enhanced profoundly my creativity and aspired proper training in my classroom.

(July 2018) Comment from a happy customer:
Yes! Yes! Yes!, I got the CD and will be delivering it to her tonight before they leave to go overseas. She is so excited about getting her very own Hip Hop CD in addition to a copy of David Plumpton' SMASH  HITS for Ballet.  You made her trip a very happy one; and her nonna (grandmother in Italian) a very, very happy one!  Thank you so very much for all of the time that you put into making one sweet 10 yr old so very happy! You will not be forgotten for your beautiful deed!

(Feb. 2018) Comment from Cristina Munro - Munro Ballet Studios and Corpus Christi Ballet :

Great music helps us teach a great class! Thanks, we like all the CD's. David Plumpton is our favorite pianist. Keep them coming!

(Feb. 2018) Comment from a long-time customer:
Please continue to provide your great Ballet CDs and DVDs. I especially like the Russian styled class music. I love Jay Distributors! Thank you!

(Feb. 2018) Comment from Robbie, a long-time customer:
After many years, I find these visual notes in the Bodarc series for elementary and primary ballet and their accompanied music to be premium offerings. Beyond their presentation, little to nothing, in my span of teaching years (30), has matched them.

I would like to see new ones in this Bodarc series if they are of the same caliber and created by excellent teachers and musicians such as those I recently reordered to replace my video tapes. Nothing as significant as these have surfaced since the first decade of 2000 for pre and beginner ballet students.

Comment from Ms. Lynne: 
"working with you for years and loving it!"
I've been teaching Ballet to little girls for a very long time,  that have become beautiful young ladies; and I owe it to working hard, trusting in my creative forces and using the best music that I can find for their "connection" to the art of Ballet and me!  Regards! Ms. Lynne

Comment from Lynne Morrison (The Old Well School of Dance, Moffat, Scotland) :
Thank you so much, your Start Tapping DVD and CD (9954) has been an excellent help with my younger tap class.

Comment from Maria:
I have placed my order and will probably purchase other albums. You have some CDs that are impossible to find anywhere else. Thank you for selling these items! I would also like to add that I am happy with the customer service provided. I was very appreciative of quick responses to my questions, and being notified when an out of stock item was available for purchase. Keep up the good work!

Comment from Hiroshi Horiuchi (Japan):
27 years ago when we started to import your products, Lynn Stanford's titles changed Japanese ballet class lesson from boring to exciting. At the time, many dance teachers wanted to use his music in their own classrooms.

I am proud that I've been able to introduce your products to Japan.
Thank you. Best regards, Hiroshi

Comment from Graham Fletcher:
"Thank you for the email. I already have these CD's, in fact I have all David's CD's, they are excellent."
http://www.danceactivate.co.uk/      http://www.balletassociates.co.uk/

Comment from Rita Correia:
I teach ballet at I have a ballet school in Brazil,Petit Ballet.
I would like to thank you for the amazing CDs that I ve been bought from this great web site.I also would like to congratulate the amazing pianist David Plumpton .My classes are much more inspired cause the wonderful songs .Every time I get a new one CD I am very exciting to prepare beautiful classes
Thank you so much!!

To know about my work visit our site petitballet.com.br

Comment from Nurit Krauss:
"I teach ballet at Santa Monica YWCA to nonprofessional students of all ages. Ballet is an excellent tool for complete fitness and music makes it inspirational as well. I was looking for Lynn Stanford CDs, and you were the only ones to carry his label. From then on, you are my Dance Music Source. Your customer service is the best. Your way of doing business is commendable!" Many thanks, Nurit

Comment from Judy Rice about the Bodarc CD,  "Ballet & Opera Classics for Kids" #9640C
"The key to good recorded music is that it should have real live passion in it. Adam Pernell used to be a pianist at the Joffrey Ballet School, and you can hear his passion in this album. You don’t feel like you’re working with a CD, but with a live pianist."

From Robbie:
"Since the early 1980's I have filled my teacher library with music and visual notes for primary and elementary ballet from Jay Distributors.
No other distributor can hold a candle to you. Please, please ---- more for these levels."

"Just wanted to say that Laura Hausman's BEST OF THE BEST ballet class cd is one of the best I have heard.My classes are really enjoying it This is my 60th year as a Ballet Teacher. I have used lots of music during those years and this cd is  top of the line."
Thank you,
Ellen Hardeman

From a customer about our DVD previews:
I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.. Thanks for posting the videos!

Customer review:
"Please highlight Laurent Queval and Sylvain Durand on your website! I stumbled upon them on your website a couple of years ago and as a ballet teacher of 23 years I can say that their music is so refreshing. I want more ballet teachers to find this treasure! The jazzy music keeps us so peppy and in great moods during class. What an amazing pianist he is! Did you even know that on both CD's there is a funny secret surprise song that plays about a minute or two after the Reverence? It's not written anywhere on the CD. One day, my class ended and I had not turned off the CD and out of silence came this hysterical song! Do they have any other CD's out beside the two? Please, please, please get them in if they do! If you promote them a little, I'm sure they would start flying off the shelves!"

Thank you!
Julie Carson
State Street Dance Studio
Geneva, IL

From an enthusiastic viewer of our  DVD Previews:
"Wonderful videos! Lovely, beautiful! Congratulations!"

Email from a customer in Pennsylvania:
"I received my order today and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase. The CDs arrived in great shape and very, very quickly! I will definitely be buying all my ballet CDs from you in the future."

Note from Barbara & Andrew at DANCE SPACE, Vero Beach, FL
"Love your products and company. I have tried others and they don't come close. Thanks for your great stuff." Andrew and Barbara.

Note from Australia about our new feature: mp3 downloads
"Yes, I bought all the mp3 files from one CD title and it was great. I am already using the music in class. I think it is a brilliant way to buy such specialised music so look forward to more becoming available. The files all downloaded easily with no hitches and as I said it was great to have the tracks immediately and to be able to use them straight away.

"Thank you for having one of the better websites for finding ballet music!"
(Wendy Yorio, Dance Instructor, Buffalo, NY)

Thank you for your help!  I just placed another order.  I appreciate your
service and prompt response!  Susan (Lincoln, California)

From Catherine Paull,
"Thank you again for your prompt assistance.  That is extraordinary service! I am truly impressed and very grateful for the prompt, thoughtful and thorough attention you gave me."

From Carola (London, UK):
"Just wanted to say that I have already received my order and I am very happy with your service. I will probably be ordering again because you have
good stuff! You should open a branch here in London, UK too!!!"

From Gloria Polack, dance instructor in Israel, commenting on Michael Roberts' music series:
"Rebecca sent me all your CD's. Wanted you to know how much your exquisite music means to me and dancers here as we hold classes in a bomb shelter. Not to be overly dramatic, but your music is definitely, literally saving me in these tense times. Many thanks to your brilliant and sensitive being.The class shouted out your name - Michael! Michael! when I brought in the CD's. All our dancers love you. You can't believe how much your music is helping us here."

From Carol Purcell
"Thanks for carrying all these great products and for all you do to make purchasing them so convenient."

From Katherine (Tuscaloosa, AL)
"Your site is amazing. I'm starting out my new dance studio,  and I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future."

From Jeanne (Norcross, GA)
"The service with the sound system was great, so I will use you in the future...I appreciate the personal attention!"

From Manya (Chicago, IL)
"I was so relieved to find you online.  Searches took forever until I found you.  Your company has a fantastic variety for us teachers at such low prices!  I was amazed and will become a regular customer.  And thank you for the free shipping!!!  Another plus!"

From Miss Patty Cummings
"Thank you so much for your courtesy and efficiency as well as personal touch."

From Kathy (Pasadena, California)
"I did a google search to find a CD. I chose your site because you had the best price based on your free shipping. Thank you."

From Mr. Mukumoto with Infovision, a large wholesale outlet for us in Japan
"Our shipment arrived last Thursday. We managed to send these to our customers just on time.
Thank you very much for your quick response and help!"

Reagan Hughes - Grenada School of Dance  (Grenada, Mississippi)
"Jay Distributors is the only company I have found that allows you to hear samples of this quality of music.  What you see and hear is what you get. I absolutely love the variety of music and composers.  It is so easy to come in from a late dance class and still be able to order online and know you will get your music in a few days. Thanks for your great service, once again."

"Thanks for such great service. I appreciate the speed of delivery and the great prices."
Lynne Butenhoff, River Falls Ballet Academy

Pia Karaspuro - Finland:
"Thank you for the fast delivery of my previous order! Those CD's have been a source of great inspiration and enjoyment both for me and my students. I find it joyful and energizing to construct new combinations while listening to Lynn Stanford's interpretations or compositions. (Pia teaches in several studios in southern Finland.)

Kim Tombaugh:
"Hello! May I begin by telling you what a wonderful site you have with danceclassmusic.com?!!!!  You have outdone anything else I could find on the net!  Congratulations, and keep up the good work! YOU HAVE AN AWESOME SITE!"

"I order from you because you are the best site- your sound samples really help! Thanks."

M. Williams:
"I've heard from other teachers that your company is based in Dallas and is one of the best resources around."

"I had been to several websites that offer ballet class music, but no others had the sample feature. I am very particular about the style of music and composition that I am seeking. I ordered from Jay Distributors because of the music samples of each CD available! I chose a CD that I never would have if I just had the description and my unfamiliarity with the composer. The sound samples were a true representation of my CD. Thank you and continue to provide the music samples." Tori B.  10/14/03

Anna Eldred, Ballet Director of Broadway Training Center in Hastings-on-the-Hudson, New York
"Dance Class Music dot com is a great site and a fine way to browse for class music efficiently."

Donna - Chattanooga, TN
"I have become a Jay Distributors JUNKIE!!! Thanks for your fast shipments..."


“Glad to find this website... your selections are fabulous!”

“You are a great company that I highly recommend to those who dont have live music in the classroom! “

“You have the best dance music options I've seen yet.”

“I really appreciate the fine communication. Not all firms are so good to answer their customers. Thanks..”

“You guys are incredible!  Your's is the fastest order turn-around time in my entire life!  Many thanks from a completely satisfied customer.”

“I would to like to say that it was very easy and great ordering from Jay Distributors!  Keep up the great website!”

“Thank you for your prompt service.  I have received my order and am very pleased with the selections.”

From Straek & Boej, our retail outlet in Denmark:
“Earlier this week I have sent you an e-mail, requesting a catalog. I asked you to sent me one through ordinary mail. Just a few days later, I received the catalog. I was very surprised about the speedy delivery.”

“I never expected my delivery so quickly on the CDs that I ordered. I love this shopping on line -- it's just the greatest. The one click ordering is just the best. Thank you for your fast service!”

“Thank you for your speedy reply.”

From Arts Books in London, England:
“Thank you so much for your excellent service over the past few weeks - it's been great for us to receive a steady stream of parcels from you.  I'm aware we probably don't say "thank you" enough, so a big thank you.”

“Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I actually received the tape this afternoon - next time I'll definitely use UPS, much quicker!! Thanks again.”

“Thank you for the "thanks".  I have been very pleased with ordering from Jay Distributors and have had no problems.  I like using your web site, and the shopping cart, and have found it to be very user friendly. ...Keep up the good work! And thank you for your consideration.”

“Thank you.   It is nice to know that there is someone out there who does answer your questions.   Thanks and hope you have a prosperous year!”

“You're a star!  Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for all your hard work, its very much appreciated.”