“Music for Ballet Class” is a 57 minute single length CD by Andrey Klemm & Sylvain Durand containing 52 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original  music without singing or vocal instructions.
"Sur les Pointe", the accompanying 72-min. DVD, demonstrates each exercise for a complete pointe class.

  "Music for Ballet Class" CD
"Sur les Pointes - On Pointe" DVD

  Andrey Klemm & Sylvain Durand
Ballet Music CD ~ Ballet/Pointe Class DVD
CD Order #AK004C
DVD Order #AK003D

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Music for Ballet Class CD
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Sur les Pointes - On Pointe DVD
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Sample this CD:
Track 10 - Battements Tendus Jetes
  Track 33 - Preparation Pirouettes
  Track 39 - Assembles
Track 47 - Releves sur Pointes

At long last there is another CD by this exciting artist. Sylvain Durand is in a class of his own when it comes to music for ballet class. Jazzy, passionate, inventive the description of his music goes on and on. There are so many different colors in his playing it is impossible to describe. With the help of ballet master Andrey Klemm, these two artists from the Paris Opera Ballet have created original melodies for each exercise of a ballet class. The tracks are not repeated but every exercise has several tracks devoted to it so this is like getting two CDs in one. Track 32 has the sound of an old carousel bring back memories of painted horses bobbing up and down.  Mr. Durand’s two previous CDs for ballet class “Queval & Durand - The Ballet Class Vol.1 & 2” have been out of circulation for several years so it is wonderful to once again have the music of this artist to dance to!


Here is a private look at a star of the Paris Opera in a special pointe class taught by the ballet master, Andrey Klemm. Filmed in the dance studios of the Paris Opera, this complete ballet class gives the viewer an insight into the magnificent environment of this world famous opera house. The control and ability of avec une Etoile, Isabelle Ciaravola, is an inspiration to watch and Mr. Klemm actually gives her corrections to incorporate into the steps they are working on. It is a great experience to watch a true professional working on her technique. This video is sure to inspire your students and is a treasure in any library. If only we could see Ms Ciaravola’s legs at the barre but alas they are covered up so we are forced to watch her incredible feet in action. All of the music used in this pointe class can be found on the CD ‘Ballet Class Music’ by Sylvain Durand #AK004C.


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