This seventy two minute double length compact disc contains 25 repeated solo piano melodies for a
complete ballet class by Douglas Schultz. It offers a unique collection of original, familiar,
and classical music without singing or vocal instructions.

"Music from Company Class Vol. 2"
Douglas Schultz, Pianist
Music For Ballet Class From New York
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Sample this CD:
Track 1 - Grand Plie
Track 11 - Quick Degage

This second volume of music by Douglas Schultz for ballet company class is comprised of fluid music that is easy to dance to.  With pieces from many different composers like Minkus, Donizetti and Schultz himself, this CD is a wonderful combination of familiar and original solo piano music.  The twenty-five repeated tracks offer seventy-two minutes of music for a complete ballet class. This long awaited recording contains all new music and continues the tradition established in the first volume.

CC27C Contents


Legends - Suki Schorer


Company Class Vol. 1

Leaning on Tradition Vol. 1

Music from Minkus