“The Essential Musicals for Ballet” is a 75 minute double length CD by David Plumpton containing 36 unrepeated piano melodies for a complete
intermediate ballet class. It offers a unique collection of familiar music without singing or vocal instructions.

The Essential Musicals for Ballet

David Plumpton
Ballet Class Music CD
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The Essential Musicals for Ballet CD
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Sample This CD:

Track 01 - Warm Up
  Track 05 - Tendus 2
Track 16 - Grand Battements

Track 20 - Tendus 1
Track 25 - Pirouette 1
Track 32 - Medium Allegro 1


Music from Broadway always finds its way into the ballet class. Not only because it is so danceable and easy to follow but also because it does not come with already set choreography like music from famous ballets. Showtunes make it easier to create exercises that don’t focus on the steps that are associated with the music.  David Plumpton offers us music from 33 different Broadway shows on this single CD of ballet class music. He covers all the exercises of a ballet class from Plie to Grand Allergo in these 36 tracks of marvelous arrangements. This wide selection of Broadway shows includes samples from Fiddler On The Roof to The Producers. It’s great to do Tendu to Mister Cellaphane and small jumps to We’re In The Money and Mary Poppins is always a hit with younger kids. You will never grow tired of dancing to this music.