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Sound equipment features explained

A-B Repeat
The A-B Repeat function lets you set a designated starting point (A) and ending point (B). Once you set these points, the player will continue to play only between these two points. Pressing the stop button will turn the function off and the A-B points must be set again. Use the pause button to stop the music and retain the A-B points. The A-B repeat function is ideal for rehearsing the same spot repeatedly.

Direct Access
You will see the term "direct access" in some descriptions of CD players. "Direct access" refers to the way CD tracks are accessed (played). When a player or its remote control have a 10 number keypad, this allows you to go directly to any track on the CD. When a player does NOT have direct access, it simply means you can only go from track to track, sequentially ("next-previous" track).