“Music for Ballet Class Vol. 4” is a 57 minute double length CD by Soren Bebe containing 37 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

  Music for Ballet Class Vol. 4

  Soren Bebe
Ballet Class CD
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Music for Ballet Class Vol. 4  CD
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Sample this CD:

Barre Exercises
Track 05 - Tendu 2
  Track 07 - Jete
  Track 16 - Grande Battement

  Center Exercises
Track 17 - Tendu
 Track 22 - Small Jumps
Track 25 - Grand Allegro


Volume four of Soren Bebe music for ballet class starts off with a folk song Warm up and quickly moves into compelling dance music for each exercise at the Barre and Center. Most of the time two pieces of music are offer for most of the exercise at the Barre. These repeats are played a little faster or in a longer version so the music will always fit your exercise and you won’t have to change your exercise to accommodate the music. All the original music on this hour long CD is perfect for the exercise it is designed for with waltzes and tangos galore.