.Music for Ballet Class Vol. 6 is a 56 minute single length CD by Soren Bebe containing 32 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

  Music for Ballet Class Vol. 6

  Soren Bebe
Ballet Class CD
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Music for Ballet Class Vol. 6  CD
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Sample this CD:

Track 02 - Plies
Track 06 - Jetes (faster)
  Track 14 - Petit Battement

Track 18 - Grand battement en cloche
 Track 20 - Tendu
Track 24 - Warm up jumps


Soren Bebe has created a sixth volume of beautiful solo piano melodies for ballet class. Recorded on a Steinway D grand piano and produced by some of the finest technicians in Denmark this album contains 32 original compositions. It offers a complete Barre with a few repeats of faster versions of the same song and the center contains six tracks devoted to jumps with plenty of music for turns and traveling steps.  This is a very straight forward album of music for a ballet class with jazzy melodies that make you want to dance. Soren is a genius at creating danceable music in his playful jazzy style and this album shows him in his best form.