This double length CD by Laura Hausmann, Arkadiy Figlin and Mike Campenni contains 20 unrepeated orchestrated melodies for a comlete modern dance class.
 It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

"Drums & Keys"

Directed by E. Laura Hausmann
Composed & performed by Mike Campenni and Arkadiy Figlin
Intermediate Modern Dance Class CD
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Drums & Keys CD HM09C
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Sample this CD:
Track 2 - Percussive isolations
  Track 4 - Contractions, flat & lateral back, tendus
Track 15 - Grand battements, walks

Extra long tracks of piano and percussion music are arranged for a complete modern class. This music is very jazzy and can be used in any jazz class for isolations and stretches. This improvisational jazz music is not for hip hop but rather for classical jazz dancing or modern class. The easy to follow beat is perfect for every level of training. Each track is named for a modern dance move and they are very energetic. Several of the tracks are extremely long for several groups of dancers or long combinations.
  20 tracks in all