“Gala - Cuba Style” is a 59 minute single length CD by Nolwenn Collet containing 28 unrepeated piano melodies for a complete
intermediate ballet class. It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

Gala - Cuban Style

  Richard d'Alton & Nolwenn Collet
Ballet Class CD
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Gala - Cuban Style CD
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Sample this CD:

Track 04 - Battements tendus in 5th (fast)
  Track 07 - Battements jetes
Track 12 - Grands battements


Track 14 - Battements tendus au centre
Track 18 - Pirouettes 3
Track 21 - Petit allegro 2 


"GALA" is the eighth CD in the Tutus and Tempo collection. It has been created in collaboration with Richard d'Alton who trained and graduated from Cuba's National Ballet School. He then danced with Ballet Nacional de Cuba under the artistic direction of Alicia Alonso. The CD was inspired by Cuban music and artists and reflects Nolwenn and Richard's work together while he was teaching in Ireland. Here is Mr. d'Alton's introduction to the CD:

"CUBA - Tierra de mi corazon... I am proud to have been part of such a rich heritage of ballet, music, and art. I carry a piece of Cuba with me and impart this love and passion to every dancer and class that I teach. Designed for a Cuban ballet class (with a unique approach to combination order at the barre), this professional level Ballet Class CD is also suitable for Beginner through Advanced Levels in multiple training methods and techniques. This CD embodies my work over the past 15 years as a ballet teacher, mentor, and artist.

I would like to thank Nolwenn Collet, Jill d'Alton, Kate Gandara, iRule...Dance - USA (CharLee Hanna Rule, Artistic Director). McAllen Ballet - Rolando Pacheco, & Conservatorio de Danca do Vale do Sousa - Portugal."