“Les Petits - Tutus and Tempo Collection Vol. 2” is a 65 minute single length CD by Nolwenn Collet containing 43 unrepeated piano melodies
for a complete preballet class. It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

Les Petits 2
Tutus and Tempo Collection Vol. 2

  Nolwenn Collet & Nicola Farcas
Preballet Class CD
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Les Petits - Tutus and Tempo Collection Vol. 2  CD
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Sample this CD:

Track 05 - Sleepy ballerina epic warm-up
Track 12 - Milkshake/Smoothie twirls
Track 16 - Spanish sautes
Track 18 - Clap hands and galop!
Track 24 - Let's feed the ducks!
Track 28 - Bunny hops

Track 37 - Where is my kitten??


"LES PETITS 2", a follow-up of "Les Petits", is an album specifically composed and choreographed for children aged 5. With a lot of imagery, it provides over one hour of stimulating, artistic and fun filled pre-choreographed music. A 12 page booklet describing the choreography of each exercise is included. It is the result of a close collaboration between a pianist and a ballet teacher. Here a few words from Nicola Farcas:

"If we are honest, when we launched Les Petits 1, we couldn't have imagined how successful it would be. It took off like a bird with wings and it wasn't long before requests were coming in for the next volume! A few years later and here we are! Beautifully composed creative class music for your little ones, with the bonus of ready made exercises, pre-choreographed for you! As a teacher, seeing the original Les Petits CD literally come to life in my own classes, made all of the work we put into this project worthwhile. My students will do anything for me in class just to know that 'Cops and Robbers' or 'Goldilocks and the Bears' will be done at the end of class! I cannot wait to use this volume!" Nicola Farcas