“Les Grands” is a 57 min. single length CD by Nolwenn Collet & Joyce Campbell containing 33 solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

Les Grands

  Nolwenn Collet & Joyce Campbell
Ballet Class Music for Adult Classes
Ballet Class CD

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Les Grands  CD
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Sample this CD:
Track 04 - Battements Tendus
Track 06 - Battements Jetes et Glisses
Track 12 - Grands Battements

Track 17 - Adage 1
Track 22 - Poses, Turns & Chaines
Track 27 - Petit Allegro


LES GRANDS is an album specifically composed for an adult ballet class. 

Created in collaboration with American ballet teacher Joyce Campbell, it aims to support, guide and inspire adults taking ballet class. 

Joyce has a lot experience teaching adult ballet classes and thinks that adult students are particularly responsive to music as an integral part of each exercise: not just a way to keep time, music allows technique and expression to meld and merge.


There is space to practise safely, time to breathe, time and space for expression, reflection and joy!

For the exercises at the barre, a special attention has been given to the choice of the tempo, of the style and of the dynamics.

In the centre, the exercises are developed to create a sense of confidence, musicality and artistry.

The whole album has at heart to share the love of ballet and music with adults taking class but would also suit other levels very well.

This project has been a rich and inspiring collaboration between Joyce and Nolwenn, a project where music creativity could flourish fully.