“The Next Chapter” is a 58 minute single length CD by Steven Mitchell containing 30 unrepeated piano melodies for a
complete ballet class. It offers a unique collection of classical music without singing or vocal instructions.

The Next Chapter

Jessica Saund
Steven Mitchell

Music for Ballet Class CD
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The Next Chapter CD
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Sample this CD:
Track 01 - Plie
Track 04 - Quicker Tendu
Track 16 - Grand Battement

Track 17 - Grand Adagio
Track 23 - Petit Allegro I
Track 28 - Women's Pointe Step


Bravo Steven and Jessica! What a wonderful tribute to David Howard! This CD ‘The Next Chapter’ uses the same format David used in his teaching with some tracks offering music for his trademark bend and balance at the end of exercises. Steven always does a fantastic job of creating inspiring music for ballet class and here he uses music from Tchaikovsky to Henry Mancini and everyone in-between. There are even a couple of the tracks by Lynn Stanford. Unfortunately, there are no original pieces by Steven but that will certainly follow on another album. Each track is carefully designed to fit each exercise and suited for any ballet class.

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