“On Your Mark!” is a 40 minute double length CD by Patricia Hall Loring & Steven Mitchell containing 31 unrepeated piano melodies for a complete preballet class
 It offers a unique collection of original, familiar & classical music without singing or vocal instructions.

“On Your Mark!”  is a 55 minute DVD which demonstrates a complete dance class  for a preballet class
 "On Your Mark!"

   Patricia Hall Loring & Steven Mitchell
Music for Preballet Class DVD/CD
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On Your Mark! DVD
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Sample this CD:
Track 3 - Broken Clock - Wake-up!
  Track 10 - William Tell Overture
  Track 14 - Skipping

This wonderful combination of original music and melodies from great composers like Bach, Tchaikovsky and Haydn is perfect for any preballet class. It offers melodies for slow dances, fast dances and any other kind of mood you want to have in your class. This CD is all you will need for your class for many months it has such a variety. On many pieces Steven has added special sounds and percussion to help the kids enjoy the music and the dance class.

"On Your Mark!"
The DVD that accompanies the music on the CD “On Your Mark” is a real dance class. The eight kids in this creative movement class are very young and did not rehearse for this video. The class is taught by a young teacher while Ms Loring talks directly to the viewer adding comments and explanations as the class is going on. So you get to see a real class in progress while an experienced master teacher lets you in on all the reasons for each exercise. The end result is a very thorough training video on how to give the perfect creative movement class.